The National Science Foundation funded A Video Research Report of the Children’s Math Worlds Research Project to show the levels of learning possible by children from backgrounds of poverty who experience good teaching.  The classroom videos were taken in four public schools, three high-poverty urban schools with some to most students speaking a native language other than English and a suburban school with immigrants from many countries. The classrooms you will see were built by the continuing efforts of many dedicated teachers, students, parents, school administrators, and members of the Children’s Math Worlds research team.  Language and ideas of students, teachers, and parents were woven into the curriculum as it was revised each year.  The project had a strong emphasis on children explaining their thinking and on using math drawings developed in the project to support student thinking and explaining.  None of our teachers had learned math in this way, so they were all brave pioneers in learning how to create such classrooms. All classrooms are complicated places, and no teaching segment can be perfect.  We can all have ideas about how to change things the next time. I am enormously proud of and grateful to these teachers for being willing to share their classrooms so that everyone can see what students can do if we support them in their thinking.  The Teaching Progressions show in  more detail the learning progressions students experienced to reach the points shown on these Classroom Videos.


You can download the description of and more information about the Classroom Videos available here on this website by clicking here.

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